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Iasis has almost all the ‘frontline’ disciplines of medical science in order to treat all health problems. With a team consisting of Internists, Surgeons, Orthopaedics, Cardiologists, Pediatricians, General Practitioners, a Gynecologist and an ENT Specialist to name a few, we also offer a wide range of Diagnostic Tests with two X-ray and Microbiological Laboratories, as well as Short-term Daycare Units and an Alternative Medicine section.

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About Us

Professional Medical Care in Full Measure

For us, there are no minor aspects, because a quality result always depends on trifles. Over the years of our activities, we have gained the unique experience of organizing medical services for citizens and foreign nationals.

Private patients, international organizations and corporate businesses feel safe and comfortable in establishing relationships.

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Start video chatting with our healthcare professionals and they will provide you with all the info/advice to your medical condition.

Upload your medical reports or send us images to help our doctors understand your query.

If a diagnosis or treatment is needed, a specific Doctor with specific s

Use your Medical and Travel insurance coverage while on holiday Abroad

Global reach with more than 180 leading Insurance and Assistance companies.

We follow the principle of family medicine, which means that the family practitioner will handle the majority of medical requests, with Specialist involvement when deemed necessary.